Welcome to our website!

Welcome lovers of originality and creativity in the art decorative interior and exterior. You are invited to experience the varied and innovative possibilities of expression and embodiment of your own ideas offered by our company in the fields of mosaic , decorative elements and paving .
Thanks to our innovative manufacturing technology , we can now create high quality 3D photorealistic designs, without being limited by size or color. The whole manufacturing and assembly process is computerized , thus leaving room for all eager of a little magic, elegance and refinement for his home, to speak in a variety of forms.
Your works will gain brilliance and depth through photorealistic 3D effect through the lights and shadows that you can use in the range of products we offer. You can add a new element in terms of finish , an element that can shine or be confused with the background.
The word lux originates from the Latin language. The Mosaic de Lux inovation consists of the lights and shadows play that enrich and enliven reliefs , colors , materials … walls of your house.
You can have a clear and accurate picture of the final work using our software and you are welcome to e-mail us your ideas to materialize them or publish them on our website.
Architects, designers and decorative art lovers, we challenge you in terms of creativity and imagination to create masterpieces together.